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At Timeless Therapy, we are passionate about Geek Therapy, a unique approach that celebrates and integrates your geek interests into the therapeutic process. Whether it's crafting and playing a new D&D character or delving into the complexities of a scene from a comic book, we strive to make this a safe and empowering space that fully embraces you and all your fandoms!

Description of Service

Timeless Therapy proudly offers Geek Therapy, a novel and one-of-a-kind approach that embraces and incorporates your geek interests into your therapeutic journey. From co-creating new D&D characters to analyzing scenes from your favorite comic books and movies, we’ve designed a safe and empowering space that celebrates your passions and fandoms! 
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Geek Therapy (GT) is an affinity-based model of therapeutic intervention and communication based on the theory that the best way to understand each other, and ourselves, is through the media we care about.
In other words GT is taking the many things that we as individuals love and adore and using (like comic books, anime, super heroes, Dungeons and Dragons) and using those as touchstones in therapy to be able to better understand each other. I also like to use terminology and verbiage related to a client's passion in interventions that I create (or borrow).
To this end, I have completed a certification in Geek Cultural Competence from Leyline Publishing. I am hoping to be able to enroll in their full Geek therapist Certification course this year as well as Geek therapy's Therapeutic Game Master certifications.  For more information you can visit their websites at Geek Therapeutics/Leyline
This is a great passion for Tym. He was able to host a therapeutic D&D group session during his practicum at Converse College (now University) and it was super exciting and fun.
Tym has now created a group intake form that asks about specific issues and concerns that you would like to explore and improve through game play. Things such as- elf-esteem, depression, assertiveness, anxiety, self-awareness/identity, grief, sociability/social anxiety, and others. Then, after a group is formed, he builds the player party and world around the issues the players have pointed out. For an example, he had a client who had difficulty being assertive in their life. Their player character became the leader of the group and they were able to "practice" being assertive in multiple situations through their character.
Each session will be a 3 hr. block with 2-2.5 hours dedicated to gameplay/ The remainder of that time we "debrief". we discuss what happened during the session, how your character felt about what happened, how you feel about what happened and why those feelings are/are not different.  Then we talk about ways we can use a player's experience to help us become the people we want to become irl.
Geek Therapy offers a creative and engaging way to explore and address various life challenges. By using the media and terminology related to your passions, therapy becomes a space where you can express yourself authentically. It provides a unique and personalized approach to self-discovery, growth, and problem-solving.
Geek Therapy is quite versatile and can address a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, identity exploration, and more. By integrating geek interests into therapy sessions, we tap into the power of storytelling and symbolism, allowing for a deeper understanding of personal experiences and emotions.
Not at all! Timeless Therapy is inclusive and can benefit individuals from all walks of life. Whether you're a seasoned geek or just discovering your interests, the focus is on using what you're passionate about as a tool for therapy. It's a way to make the therapeutic process more enjoyable, relatable, and effective.
If you're interested in incorporating Geek Therapy into your counseling sessions, simply express your passion or interest during our sessions. We can explore your favorite geek media, discuss related topics, and use terminology from your interests in our interventions. It's a collaborative process designed to make therapy more enjoyable and tailored to your unique preferences.